An Associate of Science (Computer Science) Degree not only prepares students for jobs requiring comfortability with technology and problem solving skills but also completing additional degrees and training leading to careers in software and programming.

Computer science associate degrees train students to provide people and organizations with technology-based solutions to various problems. Students learn how to improve organizational operations, secure information systems, and enhance products and services.

An associate degree in computer science is the first step for those who want to pursue careers as computer programmers, web developers, and computer support specialists. This degree can serve as a launch pad for those who want to continue their education at the bachelor’s level or beyond.

The online computer science associate program introduces students to the IT industry, grounds them in the techniques of computing, and equips them for continued study towards a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Career Opportunities

Students completing this degree will be ready to transfer to a 4-yr institution to complete study in computer science. A basic knowledge of computer structure and programming adds to many jobs – both as a programmer, working with programmers and as a content expert developing programs for projects in that field.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of math, science and computer science to identify, formulate, and solve computer science problems.
  • Communicate effectively and work well in situations that require teamwork.
  • Design and perform tests or experiments, analyze and interpret data, and prepare a report summarizing the results of the tests of experiments.
  • Develop a design or system given a set of requirements and specifications
  • Use techniques, skills, and modern engineering and computer tools necessary for engineering or computer science practice.

Course Outlines

AS-T Degree Requirements Major: Core and Selective Requirements

Complete Core Courses, 30 unitsUnits 
CIS 242Computer Architecture and Assembly Language3
CIS 250Introduction to Object Oriented Programming: C++3
CIS 284Introduction to Object Oriented Programming- Java3
CIS 252Introduction to Data Structures – C++3
CIS 286Introduction to Data Structures – Java3
CIS 262Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science3
MATH 251Analytical Geometry and Calculus I5
MATH 252Analytical Geometry and Calculus II5
PHYS 250Physics with Calculus I4
PHYS 260Physics with Calculus II4

Total Required Major Units: 30

Elective courses: If applicable, additional courses to meet the minimum 60 CSU transferable units requirement.

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