Graduates of an associate’s degree program in marketing and advertising can pursue many different entry-level careers across a variety of industries and sectors. Occupations may include: Marketing research analyst, Public relations specialist, Business operations specialist, Green marketer.

The Marketing Associate’s Degree is about creating customer value and engagement in a fast-changing, increasingly digital and social marketplace with entry-level training in the marketing field. Students learn about consumer behavior, supply chain management, advertising, pricing strategy, social media, and international marketing. Students will learn how to offer the most value to customers, including dealing with customer complaints and concerns. This program introduces advanced topics in business marketing with a focus in communications and digital technology.

Career Opportunities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2014-15 Occupational Outlook Handbook, marketing professionals perform a wide variety of tasks, including: negotiating contracts; researching and planning advertising campaigns; deciding which media to advertise in, such as radio, television, print, online and billboards; organizing market research studies and analyze their findings; developing pricing strategies for products to be marketed; and, overseeing staff and ensure deadlines are met.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be able to:

Course Outlines

AA Degree Requirements Major: Core and Selective Requirements

Complete Core Courses, 9 unitsUnits
COMM 110Public Speaking3
COMM 150Intercultural Communication3
COMM 180Introduction to Communication Studies3

Selective Courses, choose a minimum of 9 units from the following:

List A, choose a minimum of 6 units from the following:Units
COMM 127Argumentation and Debate
COMM 130Interpersonal Communication
COMM 140Small Group Communication
List B, choose a minimum of 3 units from the following:Units
Any List A course not used above. 
ANTH 110Cultural Anthropology
ENGL 110Composition, Literature, and Critical Thinking
PSYC 100General Psychology
SOCI 100Introduction to Sociology

Total Required Major Units: 18

And required General Education coursework and electives as needed to meet the minimum 60 units required for the Associate degree.